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With more than 10 million square feet of successfully completed Roller-Compacted Concrete pavements, Morgan Corp. has emerged as a leader in this cost-effective and durable method of rigid pavement construction.

Our Approach to RCC Pavements

Qualified Staff

The Morgan Corp. RCC staff consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals ready to assist with technical evaluation and recommendations, cost budgeting, and constructability review.

Partner Education  

For partners new to Roller Compacted Concrete,  we offer in-house programs on RCC technology and construction means and methods to help them decide if RCC is the best choice for their specific project requirements.

Technical Support

Our team provides technical support to owners and designers to optimize pavement thickness and mixture designs based on industry-accepted design methods. We also offer recommendations for construction details, which are the most important aspects of RCC pavements.


We focus on building the most sustainable RCC pavement systems by maximizing the use of in-situ and recycled materials, thereby reducing the consumption of virgin materials and natural resource.

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The Morgan Corp. Difference

A Commitment to Quality

Morgan Corp. has been a leader in commercial and industrial site development for over 70 years. Such longevity involves dedication to service, attention to quality, loyalty to customers, employing qualified team members, and the ability to adapt in ever changing environments and situations. 

We invest in high-quality employees and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver top-notch work on every project. Our desire is simple: to be the very best.

A legacy of Trust

We strive to develop relationships with our clients and add value not only during the construction phase but more importantly, starting with initial planning and design phases.  This approach helps our clients get a better product and save costs.


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