Huntington Hills Lake Dam Rehabilitation


cubic yards excavation


cubic yards controlled embankment

Anderson, SC

Rehabilitation of the existing dam which included the removal of the failed spillway structure, 10,000 CY of excavation, 16,000 CY of controlled fill embankment, 1,600 CY of cast-in-place concrete for a new labyrinth spillway, stone trench drain with PVC perforated and solid pipe, sand drainage layer, new cast-in-place outlet control structure with slide gates and trash racks, 40 LF of 42” DIP with concrete cradle from outlet control structure, Rip Rap plunge pool and lined channel downstream of spillway, temporary control of water, erosion control, final grassing and temporary erosion control matting.

This dam is classified as Category I High Hazard. Control of water was accomplished by a combination of a temporary coffer dam, creek diversion through 250 LF of temporary 36” HDPE pipe and several deep wells for control of ground water.