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Our Capabilities cover the Full Spectrum of Civil Engineering ProJects.

Stabilization Services

These services will benefit developers, engineers, general contractors, departments of transportation, and other private and public entities. The process and product is remarkable in terms of the returns received in cost and time. Our crews mobilize quickly and can be working with little setup time. Our relationship with suppliers gives us the benefits of exceptional service and the most competitive prices.

Construction sites of all types can reap the rewards of adding soil stabilization to their inventory of accepted engineering practices. Not only can Morgan Corp. blend soils as specified in your project, we can also improve existing soils and conditions that don’t meet the structural requirements of the project. If the moisture in your soils is such that paving, installing stone base, or pouring concrete would be postponed indefinitely, we can mend the soils so the work can proceed on or ahead of schedule.

Stabilization can be almost 70% less expensive in cost and up to 80% faster than conventional methods, and the final product is more durable and permanent than conventional undercutting processes.

Some of the products we offer include:

  • Cement Treated Base: Soil or stone base modified to meet required strength and durability specifications. A specified amount of Portland cement is mixed into the soil or stone at a specific depth to achieve design strength.
  • Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC): A mix generally composed of a blend of coarse and fine aggregates, water, and cement. This product is used as a replacement for asphalt in areas that need a permanent, all-weather access surface such as loading docks, staging areas, or roads. RCC requires little maintenance and can be topped with a bituminous sealer, clear sealer, or asphalt. RCC is also appropriate for structural usage in dam or spillway reinforcement and soil retention walls.
  • Cement or Lime Modified Soils: Soil that has been treated with cement or lime to change the moisture content, clay or silt properties, strength, or cohesiveness. With our industry-leading Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities we can furnish finish grades to within a half an inch of tolerance five times faster than conventional grading methods.
  • Full Depth Reclamation: The mixing of Portland cement with recycled pulverized flexible pavements. This allows for the repair of failed or insufficient pavement sections without costly and messy demolition, haul off, and replacement.

Material Processing

Morgan Corp. offers a wide range of on-site material processing services including amended soils, soil screening and rock crushing and screening. Whether on-site amending of soils with lime, cement, or bentonite mixed either in-situ or in our Pugmill; drilling; blasting; excavating; crushing and screening rock into usable aggregates; or setting up and operating on-site soil screening plants, the professionals at Morgan Corp. can efficiently and effectively solve many material processing needs right on the job.

HDPE Pipe Installation & Gas Extraction System

Mostly applicable for landfill projects, Morgan Corp. offers HDPE pipe installation used in leachate piping systems, industrial process piping, and applications for fly ash sluice liners. Morgan Corp. is skilled in gas extraction systems which are used exclusively in landfill projects.


We provide consulting services in a range of areas including Roller-Compacted Concrete, Soil Stabilization, and Dam work.