Construction Services

Advanced technology for increased productivity.

Morgan Corp. is committed to utilizing advanced technologies to reduce cost, increase productivity, and improve quality. These advanced technologies enable us to maximize both the accuracy and productivity required to deliver a successful project.

The Technology

Technology such as GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) survey and machine control, have dramatically and irreversibly changed the role of grade staking in the earthmoving business. GNSS equipment provides three-dimensional (3D) guidance that allows operators to determine cut/fill on the jobsite with little or no reference to conventional stakes. This system relies on U.S., Russian, and in the near future, European satellites in orbit some 6,000 to 12,000 miles above the earth’s surface. The combined constellation of satellites sends radio signals to earth that are received by our equipment and are processed to determine positions to within 0.1’. Computer processors on the machine compare the current location of the machine’s cutting edge to a digital terrain model (DTM) and determine cut/fill. DTMs are detailed 3D computer models based on the civil drawings provided by the engineer.

Lightbars on the machine provide basic cut/fill guidance and video displays provide more detailed information. Our fine grading machines are equipped with automatic controls that allow the GNSS system to provide continuous corrections to the blade as it passes across a surface. The immediate benefit is increased speed and improved accuracy.

Our Application

In 2002, Morgan Corp. outfitted its first machine (a D6M) with satellite-based grade control. Early success led to the rapid expansion of the fleet. This program continues to expand and through significant investment, now includes over 50 individual surveying and machine GNSS systems, including dozers, graders, scrapers, excavators, foreman’s units, and survey rovers. With this fleet we are able to reap the benefits of GNSS from initial layout, to mass grading, to fine grading, and final as-built.

The integration of 3D Scanner capability allows us to scan an area of interest and produce an exceptionally detailed 3D image in short order. The image is based on the collection of millions of discrete points that capture existing site conditions including topography, buildings and structure, edge of pavement, signs, guardrails, and overhead power lines.

Our Staff

A well-developed in-house modeling staff allows us to react to changing design requirements and quickly produce updated DTMs. Our survey staff includes licensed surveyors covering North Carolina and South Carolina. We also have Trimble Certified Trainers to ensure GNSS operators know how to use the technology effectively and efficiently.

The combination of in-house DTM modeling, survey, machine control, and 3D Scanner technology allows Morgan Corp. to help resolve design issues, often ahead of earthmoving. This advanced capability helps us keep the project moving forward and remain an integral part of the team.