Did You Know? Trimble Earthworks for Dozers

The Earthworks platform is the next generation in machine control technology and will replace our current GCS900.

Morgan installed our first production version of Trimble Earthworks on D6N XL #150082 last week. There are several key improvements:

Having the GNSS receivers mounted on the cabs will greatly increase safety when putting receivers on/off masts.
Earthworks Dozer_Page_1_Image_0004.jpg
  1. GNSS receivers (cheeseburgers) are now mounted on the cab verses the blade.
    • Improves safety be eliminating need for operator to be on blade mounting/dismounting receivers

    • Avoids damage to the vulnerable masts and cables out on the blade

  2. Intuitive touch screen

    • Control screen is an Android based tablet using intuitive finger touches and swipes to navigate various views and settings

    • Includes new 3D view the operator can easily zoom and rotate to better visualize work at hand

  3. IMU’s (Inertial Measurement Unit)

    • Provide smoother blade control and help eliminate blade “chatter”. These are devices that measure linear and angular motion and are mounted to blade, C-frame, and tractor body.

Hardware Video

Software Video